About FMLI

Financial Markets Law International was established by Richard Parlour in March 2003.

Richard Parlour FMLIIt is the leading specialist financial markets practice.

Providing legal and regulatory advice, consultancy, training and other support services across the financial sector to clients be they financial institutions, corporates, regulators, international bodies, government departments, market service providers, end users or other professional firms.

Why choose FMLI?

FMLI is different to other providers:

  • FMLI is the leading specialist financial markets practice
  • FMLI has nearly twenty years’ experience in financial markets
  • FMLI has an innovative approach, focusing on:
    • commercial solutions which add value, rather than isolated legal advice
    • state-of-the-art proprietary methodologies in risk management, compliance assessment, jurisdiction risk, financial market learning and training
    • “wishlist project management” to guarantee maximum value from projects
    • experience of developing world firsts in financial products and systems
  • FMLI looks to the longer term and you will be more to FMLI than just another client lost amongst a morass of others’ priorities. FMLI strives for the longer term, deeper appreciation, greater synergy, better business
  • FMLI is more cost effective than traditional service providers
  • FMLI has a global network of like minded law consultancies in over 70 of the world’s jurisdictions, including every leading financial centre
  • FMLI has a multi-disciplinary network of like minded law firms in related areas of specialism, and business, including leading market experts, management and strategy consultants, economists, criminologists, statisticians, educationalists, scriptwriters, IT consultants, security firms, accountants and even psychologists
  • FMLI plays the words game and the numbers game
  • FMLI is ideally placed to reach the City of London, Docklands or Westminster quicker than it may be possible to travel between these three hubs
  • FMLI is ideally placed for all four of London’s key international airports, having excellent road and rail links.