Client Area

The services listed below are only available to clients of FMLI.

If you are not a client, but would like to subscribe to the services offered, please contact us for further details –

  • Awareness
    • Awareness materials for money laundering deterrence
  • Due diligence
    • Details of our due diligence and enhanced due diligence services and instruction forms
  • Due diligence tables
    • Enter the name of the jurisdiction you are interested in and threat information, national memberships and country data will appear
  • Searchable sanctions lists
    • Covers Bank of England and Office of Foreign Assets Control designated individuals – enter in the name of your client and check if they are listed
  • Financial terms
    • Financial terms dictionary – covering major terms and abbreviations
  • Training
    • Money laundering
    • Senior management
    • Financial promotion
  • Regulatory forecast
    • Covers forthcoming dates for new laws, major conferences, noteworthy events
  • Recent presentations
    • Copies of recent presentations given by FMLI in case you were unable to attend
  • FMLI publications
    • Full electronic versions of FMLI books
  • Forms databank
    • Common standard forms for you to download and use in your business
  • Useful links
    • Universal currency exchange calculator – covers all the world’s currencies
    • Automatic translator – covers major languages
    • FCO Country / Travel Advice
    • US State Department Travel Advice
    • The FSA