Derivative Products and Services

Gain economic power where you need it most by developing derivative products and services

Financial institutions and markets need to fine tune their business, exploit their unique selling points (USPs) and increase efficiency to survive in an increasingly competitive environment.

FMLI assists its clients in development and improvement of products and services, making the most of often limited resources. New products, such as derivatives, are vital in risk management and business exploitation.

New services, such as electronic delivery, can reduce costs, increase market reach and gear up profitability. Efficient resource management can be achieved through capital adequacy advice and compliance architecture restructuring.

Energy Derivatives

One of Wall Street’s “oil refineries” was assisted in developing innovative energy derivatives to reduce risk in the oil industry, the first time that such products had been used to reduce risk for the parties concerned.

Remote Exchange Membership

A matter of great importance in improving market reach and reducing cost, this was a world first.

The project consisted of advising a leading broker on remote cross border membership of the top derivatives exchange on the other side of the Atlantic.

FMLI are no strangers to innovation, having helped develop the world’s first oil price master swap agreements and cash basket contracts, and having assisted the first Alternative Trading System to obtain a pan-European licence under the EU Investment Services Directive.

Unusually for financial markets lawyers, FMLI is mathematically aware, which helps to understand the cashflows and risks involved. FMLI also advises on standard market agreements such as ISDAs and give ups, as well as tailor made products.

FMLI has further assisted in development of some of the leading inter-professional electronic dealing systems, and capital efficient structures.