Global Risk Minimiser: Website Services

FMLI Global Risk Minimiser is a collection of website tools to enable you to analyse and minimise your risk 24/7.

You give us the names of those in your organisation to whom you want us to give access, and it’s yours on an organisation basis, not on a “fee per terminal” basis:

  • FMLI Sanctions Checker (sanctions of UN, EU, Bank of England and Office of Foreign Asset Control imposed on individuals and corporates. Instant checking, so no need to search lists laboriously yourself)
  • FMLI Global Country Risk Analyser (gives state-of-the-art coverage of general, threat and deterrence data in all 234 jurisdictions worldwide)
  • FMLI Money Laundering Awareness (comprehensive materials to cover all legal and risk management requirements on money laundering and terrorist financing)
  • FMLI Bloodhound (bespoke standard and enhanced due diligence worldwide)
  • FMLI Links (all the key banking, securities and insurance regulators, securities and derivatives exchanges, Financial Intelligence Units, etc)
  • FMLI Research Assistant (financial market glossary, weblinks)

If you are not yet registered to use the FMLI Global Risk Minimiser tools, and would like to view a demonstration:

  • Request a website services demonstration call 01727 845897