Money Laundering and Financial Crime Deterrence

Precision targeted measures for enhanced deterrence and safety

Reputational risk through being caught up in financial crime and money laundering, grows in volume and sophistication year on year. To be effective, defence systems need to be used in an aggressive and versatile manner.

Although no guarantee against disaster can be given, adoption and operation of robust deterrence policies and procedures can dramatically reduce risk and enable senior management to spend more time on business generation.

Even if disaster strikes, protection measures can mitigate regulatory agony, reputational damage and unwelcome side effects, such as constructive trust actions and career curtailment.

Here, FMLI assists markets and financial institutions in the protection of their financial and operational integrity.

Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD)

A leading derivatives broker, one of the best performing securities on the London Stock Exchange, required EDD on two of its target clients located in difficult parts of the world.

Minded to refuse both, given press reports about the business environment in the countries concerned, FMLI’s EDD processes gave it the business assurance to complete the account opening process and secure the expected fee income ahead of their competitors.

Deterrence Systems and Training

A worldwide top five derivatives broker needed assistance in the restructuring of its deterrence systems and development and implementation of a firmwide training programme to bolster understanding, following the failure of earlier programmes.

As a result of a unique approach, reporting increased tenfold, awareness of vulnerability was raised and protection improved, including identification and avoidance of involvement in a $500m project finance fraud.

FMLI is the market leader in money laundering deterrence measures, having advised a number of key governments and regulators on national measures, as well as assisting leading financial institutions in developing global deterrence policies and procedures.

FMLI has also authored a number of leading textbooks on the subject. FMLI carries out detailed risk reviews for clients, often in conjunction with security advisors, and assists in other aspects of protection from liaison with law enforcement to debugging sweeps.