Financial Markets Law International (FMLI) is the leading specialist international financial markets law consultancy.

It is proactive and innovative, market trained and industry experienced, with the latest IT support, and a comprehensive multinational and multi-disciplinary network. FMLI synthesises these elements to provide commercial solutions rather than isolated legal advice.

Strategic Regulatory

FMLI places great emphasis on the optimum strategic architecture of financial institutions and the markets in which they operate.

FMLI helps you design, implement, operate and monitor controls where you need them most, focusing on the risks you face, whether you exercise the role of regulator or regulated, using its leading proprietary compliance model, the FMLI Five Compliance Forces Model.

Operational Compliance

The FMLI Five Compliance Forces Model helps you at operational level too.

FMLI builds compliance systems, procedures and documentation, ensures effectiveness through training, and assists on matters as diverse as Basel II operational risk, MiFID and TCF.

Derivative Products and Services

A financial institution’s ability to succeed is a question of product and service mix, efficient management of resources and aggressive defence of hard won advantage. FMLI helps you design derivative products and electronic trading systems.

Money Laundering and Financial Crime Deterrence

FMLI helps you defend your position aggressively by focused prevention, deterrence and deflection of attack, using its comprehensive risk models.

We develop threat and vulnerability assessments, carry out standard and enhanced due diligence, covert and overt investigation, and help run crisis management.

Learning Solutions

Learning solutions are becoming ever more important with increased regulatory emphasis on senior management responsibilities and increased commercial need for learning agility.

FMLI analyses your learning needs using the latest educational techniques and helps you build and deliver programmes which entice, inspire, inform and assess.

Website Services

Vital support can be provided through electronic means 24/7 using the FMLI Global Risk Minimiser.

FMLI helps you to check sanctions, blacklists, assess jurisdictional risk and support general financial market know how.